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Seeking Godly Financial Counsel

Seeking Godly Financial Counsel

In the story of Job, well-meaning friends offer flawed advice during Job’s suffering. They assume his misfortune must be punishment for sin. But as righteous Job insists, that’s not necessarily true.

This reminds us that even godly, knowledgeable people can miss the mark when counseling others, especially on complex topics like personal finance. Their intentions are good, but advice can be misguided.

As Christians, we all have friends eager to guide us through life’s challenges. But with money issues, worldly thinking often creeps into advice, even from Christian friends. It may not align with biblical principles.

So how can we discern wise financial counsel? Compare it to God’s Word. His ways are higher and inverted from secular thinking. Isaiah 55 reminds us that His thoughts are beyond ours.

The next time someone offers money tips, consider if it matches scriptural financial wisdom. Do they incorporate God’s values on possessions, generosity, and trusting Him rather than riches? Or do they promote worldly self-reliance and status seeking?

Seeking input shows wisdom, as long as we evaluate advice. Filter recommendations through biblical truth, not just human logic. Also seek guidance from financial experts integrated with faith. With an eternal perspective, we can discern counsel that leads to freedom and generosity, not anxiety and greed. Wealth can become a blessing, not a burden, when we heed financial advice grounded in godliness.

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