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Seeking Godly Financial Counsel

In the story of Job, well-meaning friends offer flawed advice during Job’s suffering. They assume his misfortune must be punishment for sin. But as righteous Job insists, that’s not necessarily true. This reminds us that even godly, knowledgeable people can miss the mark when counseling others, especially on complex topics like personal finance. Their intentions […]


Perception is a powerful thing. So many of our actions are determined by how we perceive things to be. How we perceive is based on what we think we hear or see. Yet, our perception of events, words, and people can be entirely wrong. Looking back over my life, I realize during my youth and […]

Good Friends!

In the story of Job, God allows Satan to strip a holy and blameless man of everything he has: his wealth, his family, even his health.  In the end, Job is found faithful and God restores to him everything he lost, and then some. Like Job, most Christians have two or three good friends that […]

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