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Finding Hope for a Heavy Heart

Finding Hope for a Heavy Heart

Many I’ve spoken with recently seem weighed down by heavy burdens – loved ones battling illness, financial struggles, dismay over Israel. Christians feel disheartened seeing our country adrift morally. Like David in Psalm 143, our spirits feel overwhelmed.

In these times, we must lean into God’s promises. Despite oppressive darkness, He offers hope. Jesus said if we believe in Him, we can overcome tribulation. Through Christ’s victory, we have power to rise above adversity.

God cares deeply about the burdens weighing us down. He wants us to cast these cares on Him, trusting He’ll sustain us (Psalm 55:22). He promises a new heart to replace fear with faith (Ezekiel 36:26). As 1 Peter 5:7 declares, He cares for us affectionately.

Jesus beckons the heavy laden to come to Him for rest, taking His light, easy yoke instead of life’s oppressive burdens (Matthew 11:28-30). He experienced sorrow and is familiar with our grief. When we fully surrender our pain to Him, His perfect love casts out fear.

Despite disheartening news headlines, God remains sovereign over human affairs. He causes all things to ultimately work for good, as we align with His purposes (Romans 8:28). Through prayer and repentance, He can bring healing to our nation.

Life often feels too heavy for us to carry alone. But we don’t have to! Jesus shoulders our burdens when we release them to Him in faith. He replaces despair with indestructible hope. The darkest nights still give way to joy in the morning.

If your heart feels weighed down today, pour it out to Jesus. Let Him lift your spirits with reminders of His triumphant love. He will exchange your ashes for beauty, providing strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. You can trust Him with all that troubles you.

In Christ,

Stephen H. Hammond



Stephen H. Hammond, president and founder of Christian Values Investing Inc., established the first “fee-only” Biblical responsible investment advisory firms in 1993 to help Christians align investments with their values and better manage finances from a biblical perspective. He graduated from Georgia Southern University with a finance degree and worked in the Investment Banking industry before joining Merrill Lynch in 1988. Stephen is a published author and speaker, a spirit-filled Christian who traces his faith heritage to preacher ancestors. In 2005, he established the nonprofit Covenant Financial Ministries to teach biblical stewardship principles and money management. Stephen has decades of experience in money management and financial planning. and serves with Kingdom Advisors and the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants. He has appeared on radio and television, spoken at churches, and authored books including Mission Possible: An Investment Guide for Christians and The Successful Life Manager. He married Angela in 1990, and has two adult children.

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