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Navigating Your Financial Journey with Biblical Wisdom

Navigating Your Financial Journey with Biblical Wisdom

Making a decision about whom to trust with your financial guidance is more than just a practical choice; it’s a spiritual decision too. As a Christian investment advisor, I believe it’s crucial to choose a financial advisor whose practices are deeply rooted in godly principles, rather than just worldly wisdom.

1. The Importance of Biblical Alignment

The Bible, in Psalms 1:1, warns us about the influence of counsel that doesn’t align with God’s Word. While secular advisors might possess substantial financial expertise, their advice might not always align with the biblical values and wisdom we cherish. As Christians, our financial decisions should reflect our faith and values.

2. Kingdom-Oriented Financial Planning

Unlike secular advisors who may primarily focus on wealth accumulation, Christian advisors aim to steward your resources for a greater, eternal impact. Our approach integrates faith-based insights, ensuring that your financial plan doesn’t just grow your wealth, but also aligns with your spiritual convictions.

3. Timeless Truths in a Changing World

In a world where cultural trends are constantly shifting, the biblical principles of finance remain steadfast. A Christian financial advisor applies these unchanging truths to your financial planning, offering a strategy that benefits you both now and in the long run.

4. An Eternal Perspective on Wealth

Guidance from a biblical standpoint isn’t just about earthly prosperity. We keep an eternal perspective in mind, which fosters patience, peace, and a focus on lasting values, rather than fleeting financial gains.

5. Comprehensive Scriptural Approach

Christian advisors take a holistic approach, aligning financial strategies with scriptural teachings on stewardship, generosity, prudent living, and trusting God over material wealth. This kind of guidance is designed to equip you to walk in both financial freedom and faithfulness.

6. Balancing Professional Expertise and Spiritual Insight

While spiritual alignment is essential, professional competence remains crucial. Always verify the credentials, experience, and track record of your advisor. A balance of professional skill and spiritual outlook is key to effective financial guidance.

7. The Impact of Your Choice

The advisor you choose influences more than your investment portfolio; they shape your approach to financial decisions, your life priorities, and how you view your resources in light of God’s kingdom. Surround yourself with advisors who not only offer financial expertise but also understand the role of money under God’s sovereignty.

As you embark on or continue your financial journey, remember that the advisor you choose plays a significant role in how your financial life intersects with your spiritual life. Choose an advisor who respects and upholds your Christian values, and watch as your financial planning becomes an integral part of your faith journey.

In Christ,
Stephen H. Hammond


Stephen H. Hammond, president and founder of Christian Values Investing Inc., established the first “fee-only” Biblical responsible investment advisory firms in 1993 to help Christians align investments with their values and better manage finances from a biblical perspective. He graduated from Georgia Southern University with a finance degree and worked in the Investment Banking industry before joining Merrill Lynch in 1988. Stephen is a published author and speaker, a spirit-filled Christian who traces his faith heritage to preacher ancestors. In 2005, he established the nonprofit Covenant Financial Ministries to teach biblical stewardship principles and money management. Stephen has decades of experience in money management and financial planning. and serves with Kingdom Advisors and the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants. He has appeared on radio and television, spoken at churches, and authored books including Mission Possible: An Investment Guide for Christians and The Successful Life Manager. He married Angela in 1990 and has two children.

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