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The 10 Commandments of Biblical Financial Stewardship

In the classic film The Ten Commandments, Moses comes down from Mount Sinai with God’s holy laws etched in stone. While Scripture doesn’t give 10 commandments for finances, it does provide timeless principles to guide our stewardship. Applying these precepts leads to blessing and freedom. Building wealth starts with spending less than we make. Gambling […]

Pursuing Early Retirement God’s Way

The FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is attracting many with the dream of one day having enough passive income from investments to stop working. It’s an alluring goal. But should Christians pursue early retirement? While tempting, we must examine our motivations prayerfully. Will it deepen dependence on God or reduce it? Is the aim […]

Discovering God’s Blueprint for Finances

My journey towards biblically wise money management began as a child with my mother’s teaching. When I desired a new baseball glove, she started giving me a small allowance – with tithing required! This instilled God’s principles early. Later as a young adult, I dug into Scripture to learn its extensive guidance on finances. Three […]

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