First step…pray!

Goals that are formulated with an eternal perspective are the most effective goals we Christians can make. The first step in formulating these types of goals is spending a consistent daily time in prayer with God. Prayer will help us get into the correct mindset with the Lord. Then, we need to take time to […]

Goals change along the way

The 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke has many taglines that parallel successful goal planning. The captain, played by Strother Martin, would say to Lucas ‘Luke’ Jackson, played by Paul Newman, “Get your mind right, Luke.”  Having written goals will help you get not only your mind right by being focused but will also help make […]

Why goal setting is important?

Jesus Christ  has called each Christian to live and run his life successfully by being focused and goal oriented. However, many of us run our lives financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally while in a blur of God’s calling for our life. We act as if Christ did not qualify us for the race we […]