The Spending Plan

Your spending plan is a process, and it will have to be reworked often. Budget-killing times of emergency will come along. When this happens (not if), your spending plan must be reworked until you can live within your plan. After completing the spending plan, worksheets identify the budget items that are out of control or […]

Each spending decision is a spiritual decision

People who have a problem with over-spending usually go through denial. “I know that I’m not spending that much” is a familiar refrain. In my experience, only a few people with debt problems have been using a spending plan. They may have had one, but they have not been using it. A spending plan facilitates […]

Spending Habits

Part of my job as an financial professional has been saving clients from some of their worst impulses, over-spending. I often encounter people who are withering financially, often a very frustrating situation. Our society often demands that we seek instant gratification. So the affluent along with the poor all seem to have problems with over-spending. […]