The Spending Plan

Your spending plan is a process, and it will have to be reworked often. Budget-killing times of emergency will come along. When this happens (not if), your spending plan must be reworked until you can live within your plan. After completing the spending plan, worksheets identify the budget items that are out of control or out of synch with your long-term goals. Resolve to  reduce spending in all categories so your spending plan will not be a life goal killer.

Abraham, Moses, David, Gideon, Samuel, Samson and all those mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11were all successful men of God. Some of them started slow and most of them struggled at some time along life’s way, but all of them finished strong. These were men of faith who trusted God at His Word. Each one had his own unique task that God called him to do. Each was given a difficult task to carry out, yet they all fullfilled their calling with skill and grace.  These men of God were ordinary men who had a God-given plan. Likewise, God has called each Christian to a unique calling that is unparalleled to any other. For what God has appointed us to accomplish, He gives us the means to do. In every way, these men of faith were successful because they were full of faith in God’s Word and they lived by His precepts. To have financial success, we must live by God’s financial precepts, and that includes having a spending plan which implements Biblical wisdom.

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