Successful Life Planning

The new buzz word in the financial planning community is life-planning. As the financial planning profession matures, an emphasis is now starting to shift from traditional financial planning to a focus on life itself.  With the birth of life planning, a new profession has also evolved and its focus is life coaching. Both the coaching profession and the financial planning community have realized that meeting life’s goals and dreams are more important to life than just crunching financial figures and numbers. As people age and approach middle age, they usually will start considering their future; they start soul searching and asking themselves hard questions: Will I be able to achieve my life-long dreams? What is my purpose in life? How will I spend the rest of my time? Am I really happy? Once I retire, what will keep me motivated? Will I have enough money to retire? What is my life all about? Since most people need help with life’s transitions, the life planning approach has emerged. Life planning focuses on the person’s values, beliefs and goals, and then a financial plan is established to meet those needs and wants. Life planning has clearly emerged to help people find significance in their lives, and it is an on-going process. Traditional financial planners will concentrate on building wealth for their clients while life planners emphasize helping their clients use wealth to get more out of life. Life planning is financial planning with a different perspective. Successful Life Planning™ will help you build a financial strategy that will incorporate God’s calling and purpose into your financial plan. Your plan will include your life history (which tells how God got you where you are today), your life changing events (expected changes in your life), your core values (beliefs held to be true), and your life goals.

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