Spending Habits

Part of my job as an financial professional has been saving clients from some of their worst impulses, over-spending. I often encounter people who are withering financially, often a very frustrating situation. Our society often demands that we seek instant gratification. So the affluent along with the poor all seem to have problems with over-spending. As a Christian financial professional, it has been my obligation to tell my clients the consequences of their actions. Many Christian’s poor spending habits are like a man who is speeding along in his car at 100mph. He is enjoying the scenery but does not realize that he is heading for a cliff. Often these Christians will drive right off the edge. On the other hand, it is tremendously rewarding to see God’s blessings begin to flow on those who have a heart for God and begin to live out the financial principles laid out in God’s Word.

Including Christians, most people do not realize that their check book is a story book of their life. It tells of your values, how much you save, what you spend, to whom you give. In fact, your checkbook tells us more about your priorities than anything else. The born-again Christian’s checkbook should reveal God and establishing His Kingdom as top priority. However, most Christian’s checkbook will show material things hold the highest priority in their life. Does your check book reveal that you love God and put him first in your life, or does your check book reveal that you are in financial bondage because of poor spending habits?

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