Goals change along the way

The 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke has many taglines that parallel successful goal planning. The captain, played by Strother Martin, would say to Lucas ‘Luke’ Jackson, played by Paul Newman, “Get your mind right, Luke.”  Having written goals will help you get not only your mind right by being focused but will also help make your goals a reality. Another tag line in the movie was, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” This is also applicable to goal setting in that if we do not communicate our goals into a written format, the probability of them being successful is slim.

Goals change as you mature. As your life changes, so will your goals. Goal planning is a continuous process. Goal setting does not have to take a great deal of time.  The actual process of writing down your goals takes only a few minutes.   A goal could be a dream that God has put in your heart or simply a measurable objective toward which you believe God wants you to move. Because it is measurable, you will always know whether it has been accomplished or not. If a goal is not measurable in terms of time period, amount, date, or some other standard, it is not a goal but simply a purpose statement.

With only a few exceptions, goals that are not bigger than you are are not usually God-given goals. The God-given goal of being free from debt may or may not seem bigger than you (it will depend on how much you are in debt). The goal of living a sin-free life is larger than what the physical mind can comprehend. Christ did tell the adulterous women and the crippled man in John 8:11 and John 5:14 to “go and sin no more”. Moses’s God-given goal was to bring the Children of Israel out from Egyptian bondage. Moses even questioned God with this bigger-than-life goal by questioning God in Exodus 3:11.

Most of our God-given goals will be larger than we are and through the physical eye will seem impossible. My God-given goal for Covenant Financial Ministries is to teach the world faithful stewardship and God’s financial principles. To my natural understanding that seems impossible, but Christ will make a way if I stay faithful to the calling.

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